Startect: Backed by solid science

make startect the
cornerstone of your
worm control program

208 trials conducted
  • Startect follows best practice by releasing a new molecule in combination.
  • Kills worms that have built up resistance to drenches containing levamisole, benzimidazoles, macrocyclic lactones and closantel. 8
  • Also effective against multi-resistant strains of:
    • Barber’s Pole Worm
      (Haemonchus contortus): LEV, BZ, ML and CLOS
    • Brown Stomach Worm
      (Teladorsagia circumcincta): LEV, BZ and ML
    • Black Scour Worm
      (Trichostrongylus colubriformis): LEV, BZ and ML
  • Proven efficacy and safety across Australia in >200 on-farm trials: 5
    • Wide range
      of climates

    • Broad range
      of breeds

    • economically
      important worms

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